I’m back. Bearing gifts.

I know, I know, pick up your dropped jaws.  I’ve returned.  I missed you, too.

Mostly, I popped back in to have a place to put together my version of a holiday gift guide – this one, for the one thing that has completely taken over my life in 2009… roller derby.  This guide is for anyone from aspiring newbies to seasoned vets, and every player in between.  Don’t skate?  Maybe this will persuade you to lace ’em up and give it a whirl!

1) Skate Snouts. From Demonica with Gotham Girls Roller Derby, they’re customizable – pick your team color and add a cute cutout or design!

2) Sure-Grip Sugar Wheels.  Derby girls practice and bout on all kinds of surfaces.  These wheels, developed by veteran skaters, work on just about ANY surface you could possibly skate on.  Sport court, polished concrete, even outdoors!  They’re a great backup wheel to have on hand when you’re just not sure what the surface is like.  And after all, derby skaters are ALWAYS prepared. 😉

3) Nutcase helmets.  Sure, you can rock a plain ol’ Pro Tec or S-One, but wouldn’t you rather protect your brain in style?  The xray brain one is my favorite.

4) Brookstone Dash Rolling Suitcase.  Let’s see… stylish? check.  Utilitarian? Check.  Able to stow multiple layers of foul-smelling pads and gear? Check.  Rolls on all four wheels? Check.  And you don’t have to haul it over your shoulder!

5) Skull & Crossbones Journal.  Roller derby’s not just skating – it’s committees, organization… a real business, for the skaters and by the skaters.  Keep your derby stuff organized in a journal that’s hard to lose.

6) Wicked Skatewear derby shirt.  Any one of the many, really.  Being a derby skater means collecting a drawerful of derby-related tshirts; in-jokes, other teams, and maybe even the coveted post-bout shirt swap with that gal who knocked you three deep into the suicides.  Derby love, baby.

7) Fast Girl Skates Emergency Tool Kit.  Perfect for stowing under the team bench during a bout – how many times have you had to scramble for a toe stop wrench or a spare set of laces?  Never?  Well, trust me – when it happens to you, you’ll wish you had something like this handy.

8.) Felt Skate Ornaments. Decorate your tree in style and donate to a good cause at the same time.

9) Sigg Large Capacity Water Bottle.  With thirty bottles lined up against a wall at practice, you want to make sure yours is unique, or at least easily recognizable.  This bottle is much prettier than a piece of green duct tape slapped over a Dasani bottle, don’t you think?

10) Tru Luv Tool Company Silver Skate Charm. Created by Jacquelyn Hyde with the OC Roller Girls, this is the most realistic derby skate charm out there – believe me, I’ve looked!  Be the envy of all the skaters on your team with this beautiful piece of jewelry.


4 Responses to “I’m back. Bearing gifts.”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by K Jordan, K Jordan. K Jordan said: Some gift ideas for the roller derby skater on your list: https://resistinginertia.wordpress.com/2009/12/11/im-back-bearing-gifts/ […]

  2. Holy cow! It’s a Festivus miralce! Good hearing from you KAJ!

  3. THANK YOU so much for thinking of us… We love us some Wicked & Tru Luv who have both been with us since early 2006!
    We also have the trademarked DO You Derby? ™ Shorts, panties and coolers that everyone seems to love.

  4. what a great resource! if only i had known about those helmets earlier. they made me drool! guess i’ll have to do my best to decorate my similarly ;o) ~OCDiva

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