$40 worth of cheese, and other thoughts

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This morning, we ventured out through the slick, snow-covered streets (not hyperbole; we didn’t see a single plow or salt truck on our trip) to the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market.  I figured it would be pretty sparse: a few vendors, a random sampling of hippies and hipsters… MAN, was I surprised.

We drove up to the market (25th/Central, in the old architectural salvage building) and could barely even find a parking spot.  The entire place was PACKED.  Families young and old pushing their way past tables with customers lined up three and four deep,  almost two dozen vendors of all kinds, fresh pastries from Rene’s and coffee from Hubbard & Cravens, and an overall feeling of “hey, look at all these people!” It was pretty refreshing.

We purchased some Amish cheese from Sunset Acres, some non-HFCS ketchup from Local Folks Foods, some chocolate from Endangered Species, some Jezebel spread from Country Mouse City Mouse… and the best score of the morning?  Capriole Goat Cheese.  Not only were they generous with their tasting samples, but every single thing we tried was amazing.   Thus, the title of this post. 😉

We’ll definitely be back through the winter, and they’ve secured the space through April – just long enough to cover until the green markets start back up in earnest.


the lowdown

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so what have I been up to for the past, oh, fourteen months or so?  Nothing that would excuse my lack of blogging, unfortunately.

*I’ve gotten back into playing roller derby – this time, with the Circle City Socialites.  It’s so great to get to skate again – I know I’m not the fastest or strongest skater, but I know there’s a place for me.   It’s awesome.

*Since I’ve been skating so much, my lovely friend Laura convinced me to attempt to run the 09 Mini Marathon.  I’ve been training for that, slowly but surely.  Emphasis on slowly.

*I’m still drinking and critiquing with the fine folks at Hoosier Beer Geek, but my schedule doesn’t really let me join them as much as I did last year.  You can check out their upcoming events here.

So, anyway, sorry for disappearing.  I’ll try to do better.


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miss me?

relaunch and reread

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I’ve been in a hiatus of sorts, deciding what’s next for this blog. I think I’ve pretty much got it figured out; stay tuned in the next couple weeks or so to see if I can pull it off.

In the meantime, check out this week’s Nuvo, where the Hoosier Beer Geeks are profiled and yours truly gets in a slightly drunken quote or two.


one, two, three, four

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Whee, she returns! 

What have I been doing, you ask?  Well, the big fat majority of my waking time has been consumed with the following: 

1)      Work.  Work, work, work.  And more work. 

2)      Planning the vacation to here, here and here.

3)      Drinking beer and planning gatherings with these fine folks.

4)      Geocaching toward the Epic 92 Challenge (this will require another blog post, I’m sure.)

5)      Wasting copious amounts of time on these websites.

6)      Thinking of pithy and fun things with which to update my blog, but chickening out.

7)      Being indecisive over which new restaurants to try.

8)      Apartment hunting in these locations.

9)      Becoming a Netflix junkie.

10)   Getting back into the role of consummate rock snob. 

…what have y’all been doing, I wonder?

grumble, grumble

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It’s been one of those mornings where I not only woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I woke up half an hour late with a backache to boot.  Grumble, grumble.

I went in to my usual Starbucks this morning, dodging a first class moron who nearly took off my door and desperately needs parking training, only to be greeted by a line 15 deep and a barista who didn’t know how to do iced coffee.  Grumble, grumble. 

The Fort Wayne Mad Ants, the newest NBA –D team, are going to be affiliated with none other than the Detroit Freaking Pistons.  Grumble, grumble. 

The only potential Presidential candidate that gets me excited in any way, shape or form says he’s “fallen out of love with politics”.  Grumble, grumble. 

I just got saddled with a massive project that will probably take me all day and then some.  So much for leaving early.  Grumble, grumble.

got you all in check

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