$40 worth of cheese, and other thoughts

This morning, we ventured out through the slick, snow-covered streets (not hyperbole; we didn’t see a single plow or salt truck on our trip) to the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market.  I figured it would be pretty sparse: a few vendors, a random sampling of hippies and hipsters… MAN, was I surprised.

We drove up to the market (25th/Central, in the old architectural salvage building) and could barely even find a parking spot.  The entire place was PACKED.  Families young and old pushing their way past tables with customers lined up three and four deep,  almost two dozen vendors of all kinds, fresh pastries from Rene’s and coffee from Hubbard & Cravens, and an overall feeling of “hey, look at all these people!” It was pretty refreshing.

We purchased some Amish cheese from Sunset Acres, some non-HFCS ketchup from Local Folks Foods, some chocolate from Endangered Species, some Jezebel spread from Country Mouse City Mouse… and the best score of the morning?  Capriole Goat Cheese.  Not only were they generous with their tasting samples, but every single thing we tried was amazing.   Thus, the title of this post. 😉

We’ll definitely be back through the winter, and they’ve secured the space through April – just long enough to cover until the green markets start back up in earnest.


2 Responses to “$40 worth of cheese, and other thoughts”

  1. weavingdaszeria Says:

    “we didn’t see a single plow or salt truck on our trip”

    We got Mayor Doofus to thank for that; in an effort to save money, he’s decided to plow and salt the city streets less this winter. I suspect he’s about to find out that lawsuits are far more costly than salt.

  2. weavingdaszeria Says:

    Addendum: a number of years ago, a women sued a town in Maine that had failed to salt its roads; her daughter was killed in the accident, and she was left partly paralyzed. She won around a $10 million judgment, IIRC, which was greater than the yearly tax revenue of the town.

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