feeling hot, hot, hot

Hello from Arizona!  I’m in Scottsdale this week, training on one of the aspects of my new job.  

It is HOT out here!   The breaking-record-heat-warning-air-conditioning-cranked-and-I’m-still-sweltering type of hot.  I’ve never been to Arizona, so I’ve never experienced this desert dry roast firsthand.  Now that I have, I think I’ll take my next trip in, oh, January or something. 

I’m fascinated by the pseudo-Southwest architectural style they have going on in greater Scottsdale as well.  I say ‘pseudo’ because it reminds me a lot of “Old Town” Carmel, very manufactured and contrived.  It makes for a great theme, but there are some that are completely over the top.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m smack dab in the tourist district – apparently everyone that visits is required to buy a piece of turquoise jewelry and a smoothie.  Just sayin’. 

The highlight of my trip so far was a trip to Papago Brewing, just up the road from our hotel.  I thought I was going to strike out as far as hitting a brewery on this trip, but the front desk clerk highly recommended this place.  The beer selection was top notch; the service, not so much.  I tried a New Belgium Mothership Wit (kind of a cross between a Leinie Sunset Wheat and the Brugge Wit) and a Papago Hop Dog (pretty similar to the Dogfish Head 60 Minute, although not quite as tasty).  I would have sampled more (they have huge coolers in the front where you can buy singles, and nearly thirty on tap) but I had to head to dinner. 

So, yeah.  I’m finishing up my stay here tonight, redeye-ing it back to Indy, and hopefully sleeping most of the day on Friday. 

Under the sweet, sweet air conditioning. 


One Response to “feeling hot, hot, hot”

  1. New job?!?!?!?!?!?! Why have I not heard of this???

    How I miss Southwestern summers! Dallas was nowhere near the dry roast of Arizona, but there were definitely days when you’d walk outside and feel like you’d just walked into an electric blanket. Give me that over Windy City winters any day.

    And isn’t Scottsdale, like, plastic surgery capital of the U.S. or something? (Presumably second only to Orange County).

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