It’s way past beer thirty.

Whoopee, an update!

We’re headed out to the IMA to see Raiders of the Lost Ark (hooray for picnic dinners and Bell’s Oberon!) so here’s a hodgepodge of awesomeness for you:

*Not so long ago, my fantastic friends Jen and Barb got married. Here’s a bit of their story. Without getting too political (don’t have the time or temper right now), two of my best friends are happy together and I think it’s wonderful. I wish I could take credit for their meeting, but McBookstore gets that particular accolade.

*I have decided that this is the perfect alarm clock for me, if it didn’t have the potential to break my wallet in seriously awful ways. I’m the worst snooze-hitter in the WORLD.

*What are you doing on Sunday, June 3? Nothing, you say? Not anymore! My friend’s band, the Strokin’ Aces, are playing their first battle-of-the-bands concert at Birdy’s. Tickets at the door are $10 – come out and support local music and help them get to the next round. Bring earplugs, these guys can crank!

*Speaking of stuff to do, come out to the Vintage Indiana Wine Festival tomorrow (June 2) and say hello! We’ll be working the French Lick Winery tent all day, and I’ll be trying desperately to keep my hands off their Heaven’s View Norton. Mmm, so good.

*Anyone want to buy a Lollapalooza ticket? Just one, but I’ll sell for the unheard of price of $120. Three days of killer music for $75 less than the going list price. You know you want to go…

*And saving the best for last… the apex of the lolcat meme… it’s LOLST!


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