clean up in aisle nine

In the process of cleaning house ‘round these parts, I’ve updated my blogroll and made some additions.  Here’s a roundup of the new linkage:

My fellow Beer Geeks have been busy!  Chris started up a new blog called The Non-Profit Dad, Jim has come back from blogging hiatus with He Writes About Words, and Jason comes at the blogosphere with Circle and Squares.   (these, of course, in addition to Mike’s Ridehorsey and Renee’s Feed Me Drink Me.  I wonder if we’ll have time to update in between pints…

I also added a couple of sports-related blogs:  first up is Stampede Blue, the SB Nation blog that covers the Indianapolis Colts.  These guys know EVERYTHING about the Horseshoe, and have the team covered down to the tiniest detail.  Yeah, I know, you wouldn’t have guessed I’m a football fan, right?  (Just don’t tell the Indie Rock police). 

I’ve also added Charlie Weis Ate My Baby, a local sports collective blog full of the best kinds of snark (and way too much Yankees coverage for my taste, but I’ll let it slide!)

Speaking of  CWAMB, I have added frequent contributor Jason’s Xtra-Rant to the blogroll – not updated as frequently as I’d like (hint, hint!) but chock-full of miscellaneous techie, political and humorous stuff sure to keep you occupied for quite awhile. 

I’ve also updated my link to the old Shakespeare’s Sister, now Shakesville.  Fellow Hoosier Melissa’s group blog is an absolute must-read if you’re fed up with the current state of political affairs.   Plus, her Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime postings will have you humming old jingles and cursing the advent of YouTube.

Finally, I’ve added some links in a new “noteworthy” section of the blogroll.  These don’t fit into any real category, just places I visit to get my daily fill of laughter, outrage, hope and help. 

If any of you have a link to a blog or site that you think I’d be interested in, send it my way!  And if you’re a Hoosier blogger and I don’t currently link to you, I’d be glad to do so.  Just let me know.


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