help us Race for the Cure!

Tomorrow morning is supposed to be beautiful.  What better way to take in the awesome weather than by walking for a great cause? 
picture from last's years Race
This is sort of a last-minute pitch, but our team this year, Team Annie, is walking (not running!) in tomorrow morning’s annual Race for the Cure.  If you want to join us, come on down to IUPUI tomorrow morning and join the madness that is 40,000 people trying to go the same direction at varying rates of speed.   

But if getting up early to walk doesn’t appeal to you, how about donating to the team?  I’m hoping we can get to $1500 before race day tomorrow, so this is my last-ditch effort to push us over that mark.  See Kelly grovel!  See Kelly beg!  See Kelly push her bum knee to the limit! 

Seriously, though, we’re walking in memory of a deeply missed friend and mentor.  Annie lost her battle with breast cancer last February, and I can’t think of a better way to honor her memory (and the memory of all those affected with/by breast cancer) than by raising as much cash as possible in the hope of a cure.  

I hope that some of you out there can help… and if nothing else, send good thoughts when I’m at mile 3 and my leg feels like it’s going to fall off!


2 Responses to “help us Race for the Cure!”

  1. Good luck with the walk. The lovely wife and her sister are doing the walk as well. I don’t know how many women will dye their hair pink, but my sister-in-law is one of them. One word: intense.

  2. I did the Race two years ago and found myself wishing they were handing out kleenex instead of water. It’s such an emotional day. Even though the spirit of the day is so happy and victorious, it’s simply overwhelming. When I ran it in 2005, I went to McBookstore the next day for my usual Sunday shift. Annie was the opening manager, and the Race was all she could talk about during the morning meeting. I believe it had been one year since her diagnosis, and she was–characteristically–so optimistic. So ass-kicking. So proud. She had worn her hot pink boa with the other survivors. Good luck tomorrow–Annie will be looking down on you and be SO PROUD of what you’re doing!

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