Today, we are all Hokies


I’m a Hokie.

I took a year’s worth of commuter classes at Virginia Tech back when I lived in Roanoke.  I sometimes jokingly refer to VT as my “pseudo alma mater” because the time I spent there was the closest thing I had to a traditional college education.  I’d make the long drive down 460, through Elliston and Shawsville, and Christiansburg, bust over the mountain and down the valley…the sight of campus was almost always enough to shake me out of any funk I was in.  I cannot begin to imagine what that campus must feel like today.

Thankfully, everyone I know on campus is safe and accounted for after the shooting. (I’ll save the descriptors like “tragic” and “massacre” to the TV pundits who are having a field day with them already.)  Regardless of who eventually shoulders the blame, and regardless of what side of the why-wait-till-the-bodies-are-cold 2nd Amendment debate you find yourself on,  give a moment of silence on Friday for those who lost their lives.  This could have happened anywhere, to any of us.

I’m a Hokie. 

We are all Hokies.


One Response to “Today, we are all Hokies”

  1. I’m glad to hear your friends are all accounted for.

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