Discovery what?

File under: Reasons why I don’t live anywhere NEAR my hometown…

According to Shakesville (by way of Bilerico), Ligonier is going to be home to Indiana’s premier creationist science museum, Discovery Express. Yes, folks, that’s right– the sleepy little villa of racial disharmony up in Noble County that’s home to the annual Marshmallow Festival (fitting, eh?) is now cementing its reputation as a repository for idiocy under the guise of science. And to think, I used to live there!

My heart’s all aflutter with anticipation. Perhaps they’ll have a big diorama showing cavemen and dinosaurs living in harmony! I can’t wait to read about how plants are proof that there is a God. Will they give a discount for anyone arriving with an In God We Trust license plate? Maybe I can hold my secular humanist meetings in their spacious third floor conference room!

But seriously… the sheer enormity of the volume of ridiculousness is frightening. Are public school children going to be forced to take field trips to this place? Proselytizing to a captive audience, how lovely! It wouldn’t surprise me, seeing as how there are public school teachers involved in running this thing. Brian Shidler is the West Noble HS Band director and Kellie Shidler works with the color guard.

The other thing that disturbs me greatly is the apparent amount of community involvement and support for this place. It would be one thing if a couple of loonies were putting this out in the woods somewhere, but it’s listed on the front page of the Visitors Bureau website. It’s a good thing I no longer bank with (or work for) Lake City Bank. I’d be pulling my accounts if they’re financially supporting this sham, which it seems that they are.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a great thing to teach science to kids, and wholeheartedly support innovative teaching methods and nature education. But to do it under a fraudulent umbrella of creationism is shameful, and it makes me embarrassed to admit that I’m from that neck of the woods. Discovery, indeed.


One Response to “Discovery what?”

  1. Wow. Just wow. This sounds like a Drinking Liberally: Indianapolis field trip to me.

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