bouts, birds, blogs and bands


 A quick roundup:

*Naptown came, Naptown saw, and Naptown sure as hell conquered!  Playing to a near capacity, record-breaking crowd at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, the Naptown Roller Girls burst on to the scene in consummate style (thanks to Jerry Lee’s Western Wear) and in substance (thanks to the hard-core skating skills and Mr. Whip’s incredible coaching) to beat the Music City Rhythm & Bruisers 160-116.   I’m so proud of my gals right now, and while it nearly killed me not to be skating alongside them, I remain amazed and ecstatic at what they’ve done in such short time.  This is how we roll!

*Andrew Bird at the Music Mill last night was entertaining as always.  I’ve seen Mr. Bird a couple times previously, and while this wasn’t the best I’ve seen him (the Southgate House show last year will always hold a special place in heart) he did trot out a big chunk of new music that sounded FANTASTIC. 

 *As I was purchasing my ticket(s) to the aforementioned show, the cute gentleman behind the counter glanced at my ID, did a double-take, grinned, and said “I KNEW you looked familiar.  You don’t know who I am, do you?”  It took me a moment to realize that it was an old friend from high school, who is now part-owner of the Music Mill and (from the looks of the packed house and restaurant) doing really well for himself!  Small world, indeed.

*You want to pick up Thursday’s issue of INTake.  Trust me on this. 

*If you are a computer-savvy type that can show me the ropes of basic CSS implementation, or perhaps even walk me through the process of migrating my blog onto my own hosted domain, I want to talk to you!  I can’t pay much, but I’m fruitlessly beating my head against the wall with this WordPress software.  Ugh.

*So Where’s Margot headed?  Hard to say, but their upcoming release won’t be on V2.  Here’s hoping they land on a more stable independent label.  I’d love to see them on Barsuk or 4AD, but I doubt they are quirky enough.  Whoever picks them up better realize that they are a gold mine waiting to happen!


4 Responses to “bouts, birds, blogs and bands”

  1. Hello. Found you through Four Square… have you figured out the WordPress stuff? Without promising much, I think it’s fairly simple.

    What exactly are ya trying to do (as far as new blog software/platform), and how far have you gotten with it?

  2. thanks for the link on right there, i’ll be happy to reciprocate.

  3. WordPress is a pain in the butt.

  4. Andrew Bird is so good. His new record is amazing.

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