NES, NFL, it’s all the same

Best quote of the day: 

“I really was looking for No. 84. I hear he has like a 48-inch vertical. I wanted to make sure I was conscious of where he was,” Brackett said. “I didn’t want him jumping out of the gym and catching something like Tecmo Bowl, just all of a sudden going up and getting it.”

TECMO BOWL?  Marry me, Gary Brackett.  No, seriously.  We’ll sit around on our honeymoon and bust out Bubble Bobble and Skate or Die.  


One Response to “NES, NFL, it’s all the same”

  1. Dude, I used to play Tecmo Bowl all the time. Actually, Tecmo Super Bowl. Bo Jackson was friggin unstoppable in that game. Then again, he’s also the best rusher I have seen in my lifetime.

    Go ahead and marry Gary Brackett on the condition that he never start another game for the Colts. Perhaps the worst middle linebacker in the league. That whole LB group should be coaching Pop Warner level. That said, I hope to hell they step up in Baltimore.

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