please, Dallas, don’t hurt ’em

I’m not exactly sure when the Madden 07 “Greatest Hits” video came out, but suffice it to say I missed it the first time.  Apparently, I’m the only one who did, since it featured Colts tight end Dallas Clark getting flattened like so much holiday cookie dough.  

He raised a bit of a fuss about it, and now the Red vs Blue folks (geniuses, may I say?) have issued an apology 


Watch the new ‘Director’s Cut’ of the commercial here, and when you stop laughing, watch it again.  Seriously, though, I do feel bad for Clark.  He gets his virtual ass kicked in a Madden commercial, and then gets injured in a real game against the same team?  Yeesh.


3 Responses to “please, Dallas, don’t hurt ’em”

  1. Yeah, that commercial sucked for him. The link to the director cut isn’t working for me. Did they take it down?

  2. oh, they must have taken it down or moved it! I’ll try to find an updated link, it’s pretty amazing.

  3. You know, DC is my boy. But I’ve seen him get smacked live and in person a time or two. It’s football. It happens.

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