you could call it schadenfreude, I guess

I have to admit, I was smirking a little when I read this article in the New York Times this morning.   

Poor, poor Isiah Thomas.  Yeah, right. 

Let’s see here… perhaps it’s the karma from the All-Star Game Freezeout coming back to you.  Or your racist remarks against my hero Larry Bird.  Or the reciprocity you deserve for single-handedly imploding the CBA, leaving teams like my Fort Wayne Fury and players like Damon Bailey out in the cold.  It’s a possibility it’s related to your subpar color commentary.  Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the fact that you’re a HORRENDOUS COACH.   

Awful, even.  Raptors, anyone?  Pacers?  And yet here you are, Isiah, fumbling your temperamental, shady way through another team, another season.  Can’t you just admit that you were a (marginally) better player than a coach?  For the sake of the Eastern Conference, can’t you just let it go? 

Let us hope that Dolan comes to his senses, and soon, but I won’t shed any tears if the Knicks implode between now and then.


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