Steak n Shake’s Blue Mix-Up

You think you’re having a bad day?  You might reconsider when you read this article from the Indianapolis Star (courtesy of stAllio).  Apparently, Steak and Shake inadvertently sent out 600,000 coupon mailers to Indianapolis residents that should have gone to their Dallas market.  No big deal, right?  Well, the mailers feature a big Cowboys logo and the words “Proud Sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys”.

Sent to Indianapolis residents.

On the same weekend that the Colts are playing the Cowboys in Dallas.


To atone for their actions, they’re offering the following:

Steak n Shake will offer dine-in customers wearing Colts gear a free milkshake — including the Colts Blue and White Side-by-Side Shake — from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.

Anyone who knows me knows that I harbor an unabashed love for the chrome-covered confines of Steak and Shake, so this news is awesome.  Anyone care to guess how many shakes they’ll give away on Sunday?


7 Responses to “Steak n Shake’s Blue Mix-Up”

  1. […] Steak and Shake’s big “uh oh!” – they proudly sponsor the Dallas Cowboys, you know! (Can you hear Homer Simpson in the marketing deapartment – “Doh!”) [see this post also] […]

  2. way too many to count!

  3. I’ve never eaten there (must live too far away), but I’m intrigued by a blue n’ white side-by-side shake. What’s in it?

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that most of those shakes come attached to a steak at regular price.

    Imagine if someone at Steak and Shake said… “I know how we can full our restaurants on Sunday.” This could be a very effective “mistake” that makes them win the “sly like a fox” award.

    Thanks for posting it….

  5. Just heard about this. I’m definitely going to be there. Around 3am this morning, we stumbled from the Hop Shop to Steak N Shake for some food to sober up, and a Colts milkshake. The milkshake is some good shit. It’s basically cookies n’ cream, with blue food coloring.

  6. I wonder how many Steak and Shakes I can visit in the next few hours.

  7. I’m on the Peyton train this week! I hope he wins, so I can write another article about him. Actually, I can write about him either way…. duh!

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