the Beer Geeks hit the big time!

Well, kinda. 🙂
I have yet to see the issue, but according to my pals (and fellow Knights of the Beer Roundtable) at Hoosier Beer Geek, we were featured in this month’s issue of Indianapolis Monthly magazine in a story about local blogs. From HBG:

We had no advance notice, and only found out today through gossip in the Indy-centric blogosphere. I think I speak for everyone associated with HBG in saying that we’re surprised, flattered, and honored by the feature. There are seriously a lot of really good “intelligent” blogs covering the Indy scene, so how we were chosen over them, I don’t know, but we’re certainly appreciative of the coverage.

I’ve had a great time with the fellow Beer Geeks, and I’m really looking forward to the next Roundtable. In the meantime, grab your tickets to the “Good Beer and Fine Wine” charity event and silent auction being held Thursday, November 16. Chris has more info at his blog, and it’s for an excellent cause!


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