Can we get a bigger set of internet tubes, please?

I’ve been invited to participate in a very cool event tomorrow! Bil Browning, of Bilerico, has invited a group of diverse Indianapolis-area bloggers to take part in a question and answer forum with some of the more progressive candidates for statewide office. It should be an interesting discussion, to say the least. Here are the details:

EVENT: Blogger meeting with Marion County progressive candidates for state office

WHEN: Friday, October 20 at 2 p.m.

WHERE: Pike Library meeting room – 6525 Zionsville Road in Indianapolis
WHO: Candidates:

Russell Brown (D – State Senate)
Rep David Orentlicher (D – H86)
Susan Fuldauer (D – H88)
John Barnes (D – H89) and
Mike Kole (L – Sec of State).

WHAT: Open forum with the candidates. No topic is taboo and audio and video recording is allowed. Got questions the main stream media hasn’t asked? This is your chance to ask them and report on it.

Participating blogs
A Commonplace Book

Advance Indiana



Resisting Inertia

Shakespeare’s Sister

Stallio’s Way

Taking Down Words

I’m pretty familiar with every blogger scheduled to attend, and I’m constantly astounded by the wit, intelligence and passion displayed by them on a daily basis. It’s intimidating as hell to be included with the likes of Shakespeare’s Sister and TDW, but I’m very excited to meet everyone and to ask some questions of the candidates.

Anything in particular you think I should ask?


2 Responses to “Can we get a bigger set of internet tubes, please?”

  1. Preferred sexual positions. And what the over-under is on when we can expect a rational politician.

  2. Wow, congratulations! That’s awesome. Let us know how it goes, although I’m sure you will. It would be sweet if one of the bloggers could get some audio up, or a transcript of the discussions. Might be asking a bit much, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

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