movin’ on up… to the Westside…

Apologies for the sporadic updating this past week or so, but I’ve been preoccupied with mountains of cardboard boxes and packing tape.  My awesome friend bought a condo (at about 9:00 on the 465 dial) and asked me to be her roommate.  It’s a substantial financial savings for me, and it’ll hopefully free me up to be able to afford my own place through SEND next year.   In the mean time, I’m going to be a Mug-and-Bun-eatin’, Kazablanka-karaokein’, Saraga-shoppin’ Westsider.   Who would have thought?

I’ll have sporadic internet access for the next day or two, so if I’ve missed anything important, feel free to leave me a comment.

Oh, and does anyone know where you can get a good cup of non-Starbucks coffee over here?


2 Responses to “movin’ on up… to the Westside…”

  1. Chris and Jim are roundtabling it tonight at 8 at Brugge in Broad Ripple. My attendance is unclear at this moment.

  2. no, but i know lots of places to get non-mcbucks coffee in chicago. move out here already!

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