I read banned books.

No, really, I do.

And what better way to celebrate than Banned Books Week? The American Library Association does a great job at bringing this campaign to libraries and schools, and I usually try to re-read a classic this week as a gesture of literary solidarity. This week, I’m choosing “Tropic of Cancer” by Henry Miller. Scandalous!

You can browse through the list of historically banned books here. I’m sad to see Indiana school districts on the list several times, but not surprised. As much as I tend to bad mouth my former McBookstore, at least censorship was never an issue.

Also, from Consuming Indy via Indyscribe:  The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library will be having a discussion at the Brightwood Branch, where you can place a vote for your favorite banned book.


5 Responses to “I read banned books.”

  1. I think I’d probably go for Catcher in the Rye. Because it might be the only one I’ve read. But it’s also really good.

  2. I’m ashamed to admit I no longer own a copy of Catcher in the Rye! I think it got left behind at my last apartment.

    I should remedy that this week. 🙂 It really is an excellent book.

  3. Thanks for the list! There are a fair number of books on that list that I haven’t read. I’ve always meant to read The Jungle but for some reason never get around to it. Anyway, I’ve printed the list and will make it a point to get The Jungle this time, along with several others.

  4. Ah, I always thought I was a renegade – but now there’s an actual way to measure it! I am going down the list going: check, check, check…add that to my list, check, check…need to read that one…

    Books are for learnin’, books are good.

  5. we have a display at my library on a lot of those banned books. We did not do it in correlation with banned books week, but more with Intellectual Freedom.

    that being said, my interest in challenged books has been piqued. It forced me to seek out Lolita (which had been swiped by some thief at our library). I’m slowly SLOWLY making my way through a great portion of that list.

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