the hills are alive, or something.

So I don’t forget… here’s a list of my must-see (or hope to see) upcoming shows.  If I’m forgetting something good, please tell me so with a comment!

Friday, 9/15 – She Wants Revenge/Benzos at The Vogue (…perhaps. I can’t decide if it’s worth the cash, but I like what I’ve heard of SWR so far.)

Saturday, 9/16 – Oranje at the old Fox 59 building. This is going to be great this year! If you’ve never been, swing by and say hello to me– I’ll be representing the Naptown Roller Girls. We’re doing full-contact musical chairs and a kissing booth. Plus, all the other kickass stuff going on at Oranje is well worth the price of admission.

Saturday, 9/23 – Sufjan Stevens at the Murat. I’m going to scalp a ticket, possibly– I was an idiot and waited too long. They sold out fast!

Sunday, 9/24 – Kamikaze Hearts at Radio Radio. A friend turned me on to this band a few weeks ago, and I cannot get enough.

Monday, 9/25 – The Scourge of the Sea and Paleo at the Irving Theater. This is an all-ages venue that’s really trying to make a name for themselves, and The Scourge of the Sea are a Lexington, KY band playing some of the most melodic and atmospheric pop music I’ve heard in a long time. Check out “Waterwings” on their Myspace page.

Tuesday, 9/26 – Built to Spill at the Vogue. I missed them on their last swing through town, so I’m excited to see them on my birthday, of all days! Come out and buy me a Two Hearted Ale. I promise you’ll get a kick out of my drunken antics.

Thursday, 9/28 – Thursday nights at the Melody Inn are always entertaining with Stockwell Road— but this night’s also featuring Lunar Event, Slim Francis (with a member of Jeff Buckley’s band!) and the Naysayers. Plus, $1.50 PBR for those of you who can drink that swill with a good conscience. 🙂

Saturday, 9/30 – The Shake Ups, Little Voice and others at the Irving. Again, a great venue with an awesome lineup. Come out and support local music!

…and in case you don’t get enough music there, Everthus the Deadbeats, Forget Cassettes and Hanalei are playing that night at Locals Only. Ouch. I might have to draw straws for this one!

Monday, 10/2 – Mark Kozelek at Radio Radio. None of my friends understand why I’m so excited about his solo appearance, but he was the driving force behind Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon (two of my favorites!) and his solo work is simply amazing. I have a feeling this show will sell out, and I’m going to do my damnedest to be front and center.

Thursday, 10/5 – Joseph Arthur at Birdy’s. He’ll have a new album out by then, so I’m betting we won’t be hearing any of the stuff I adore… but with every subsequent album, he surprises me a little more. It should be an excellent show.

Friday, 10/6 – The Detroit Cobras at Radio Radio. Since I can’t make a full weekend out of Tall Stacks, I’m excited I can take in a good show and then head to Tall Stacks on Saturday. “I Wanna Holler” is definitely on my top 25 fast-driving, fast-skating soundtrack.

Saturday, 10/7 – Tall Stacks! Check the website. Enough said. SO excited, particularly for Yerba Buena– the only band performing that night that I haven’t seen before, and with a former member of Soul Coughing!

Saturday, 10/14 – U-Melt and Speakeasy at the Music Mill. I’m not usually into trance or electronic music, but these guys manage to make it accessible, a little melodic, and a little playful. Highly recommended.

Saturday, 10/15 – Asobi Seksu at Radio Radio. How do I describe this music? Like a less angry CSS? A more optimistic Cibo Matto? Come and hear it for yourself.

Tuesday, 10/17 – Maynard Ferguson at the Jazz Kitchen. Yeah, a bit of a departure from my rocksnobbish list, isn’t it? Well, Mr. Ferguson has been my trumpeting inspiration for YEARS, and I can’t believe that I get to walk right around the corner to hear him play. He’s utterly amazing. Drop your indie-rock pretenses and come hang with me in one of the coolest lounges in Indy.

Thursday, 10/19 – Charlotte Martin at the Melody Inn. NO KIDDING!! I saw the flier when I was at the Mel a few days ago and nearly did somersaults all over the dirty floor. She’s got this haunting and etheral voice (not unlike a certain Ms. Tori Amos) and she’s a wonder with the piano, but not in an angry grrl way. I’ve adored her ever since a friend sent me a live version of “In Parentheses”. You do not want to miss this show! Seriously, skip Broken Social Scene and come to this instead.

Friday, 10/20 – Eliot Morris and Will Hoge at the Music Mill. I’ve seen Will a few times live, and he’s always entertaining– but what I’m most excited about is Eliot. He’s blowing up the CMJ charts right now, and more than a few people who saw the Black Crowes a few weeks back (yeah, you, Lauren!) mentioned that his opening set was just as good as the headliner!

Monday, 10/23 – The Futureheads at Birdy’s. I was lukewarm on their set they played at Pitchfork, but I really, really like the CD– so I may give ’em another shot when I’m not tired and sweat-covered from 8 hours of indie rocking.

Tuesday, 10/24 – Drive By Truckers at the Bluebird (Bloomington). I don’t care that it’s an hour drive on a weeknight; every time I’ve seen the Truckers live, I’ve walked out of the venue exhausted from singing along and completely pumped because I just saw a band play their hearts out. While I’m not the biggest fan of their new album, I’ll hold out hope that they play “The Living Bubba” for me.

10/27 – The Melody Inn Halloween Special, featuring Little Voice, Hyperdrive GO!, The Shake Ups, and more. This is going to be a blast, and you better bet I’ll be in costume!

Wow. This doesn’t even include the out of town shows I’d like to attend. I’m addicted.


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