silence isn’t golden.

Well, it looks as though my personal internet music salvation,, will be shutting down on September 15th. From the website:

“This is the moment all of us hoped would never come. After plugging away at this for the past two years, its become pretty clear that operating as a stand-alone Internet “radio station” is not going to cut it. Our operating costs are higher than you might think, and the revenue we were able to generate from advertising isnt close to supporting what were doing. Even membership revenue wasnt enough to get us there. When your business doesnt make money, you eventually go out of business.”

I cannot even begin to tell you how much this hurts. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m incredibly picky about the music I listen to. And WOXY, through its terrestrial radio station 97x and then later through the internet-only version, pretty much single-handedly made me the music snob that I am.

I remember driving though the hills of Cincinnati and trying desperately to get just a little bit better reception on my crappy Ford Escort radio driving down Galbraith. I remember hearing things like the Ass Ponys, Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo, Shudder to Think, Bomfunk MCs, Doves, Built to Spill, Wilco, Sparklehorse, Twilight Singers, Summer Lawns, Wussy… bands with local ties, bands with national exposure, bands I loved to hate and hated to love. I remember tuning them in online when I was homesick and depressed in NYC, and falling asleep to the familiar sounds of Barb or Shiv coming over the airwaves. I remember how thrilled I was when I passed someone in Indy with a vintage 97x sticker on their bumper, and how I purposely sped up to pass them so that they could see that yes, I had one too. I remember showing up to one of the WOXY board bashes uninvited, yet being welcomed in as though everyone had known me for years.

I’m pretty bitterly bummed about the state of corporate radio in general, and the fact that a station like WOXY, with its original, innovative, cutting-edge programming, can’t make it– it makes me want to smash things. Meanwhile, Corporate Congomerate X Blah Blah All The Hits Generic Radio Station serves up earfuls of complete and utter crap, mixed with a heaping dose of payola, and that’s what we get. We get it dictated to us. It’s infuriating. Like the WOXY t-shirts say… corporate radio sucks.

So thank you, 97x. Thank you, WOXY. You’ve been a huge part of my life in so many ways.



2 Responses to “silence isn’t golden.”

  1. Read the news on the fly this afternoon. Goes to show ‘mericans like the suck and good things fall on deaf ears.


  2. Sorry we missed you at Beer Roundtable last night.

    I read about WOXY on brooklyn vegan yesterday. While I never listed much, I am still saddened to see them go. However, KEXP is still out there (

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