my favorite things (cue the music)

I think it must be a combination of the late hour and the less-than-satisfying dinner I had, but I can NOT stop thinking about food. Which is bad, because I’ve committed myself to eating less (and healthier!) to help get in shape. Mmmm, food. Food. FOOOOOOOD.

So, since I can’t stop thinking about it, here’s a Top 10:

*root beer from Mug and Bun

*pommes frites from Brugge Brasserie

* B&B with extra bread at Yat’s

* Very Cherry gumballs at Steak and Shake

* honey ice cream from the Indiana State Fair

* pollo fundido from La Hacienda on Graham Rd

* cheese skillet from the Apple Tree

* vegetable biryani and garlic naan from India Garden

* the lunch buffet at Luxor

* tempura veggies and miso from Ichiban Noodles

What are some of your favorites?


5 Responses to “my favorite things (cue the music)”

  1. If you’d write a little bit more about each of these dishes (and the restaurants) I’d love to repost this on Consuming Indy.

  2. ohmygod. root beer. pommes frites. you’re killing me, kelly.

  3. Yes, you’re naming some of my favorite places. I’ll have to check out a few that I don’t recognize.

  4. speaking of food–did you try either of those potluck recipes i sent you? how’d they turn out?

    man, i SO need a root beer right now.

  5. a girl after my own heart – i love those things as well. don’t forget:

    * pote de creme from Taste
    * pud prik king and thai tapioca pudding from Sawasdee
    * saag paneer from India Palace
    * bison burger & grilled asparagus from Ted’s Montana Grill
    * burger + potato salad from the Red Key Tavern
    * hot hot hot rolls at Hisago
    * cheese baguette from Bazbeaux
    * crab rangoon from China Wok
    * great big pieces of cake from Shapiros

    *sigh* i love food.

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