IE/HRC Campaign Convention

Bright and early Saturday morning, I hauled my sleepy posterior to the IUPUI Lecture Hall, where Indiana Equality PAC and the Human Rights Campaign were hosting an all-day series of workshops and lectures regarding the upcoming 2006 elections. A couple of thoughts about the experience:

  • I was very surprised at how diverse the attendees seemed to be: ages ranging from fresh-faced college students, to senior citizens and everything in between, as well as lots of diversity in geography. I spoke with people from all across the state, which is what IE and HRC were really hoping for.
  • Turnout was less than I expected, but the IDEA convention and other activities happening around town probably helped to depress attendance.
  • Every single person that I had the pleasure of meeting from HRC was incredible, from the bigwigs on down. I helped register attendees with two of the sweetest men I’ve ever met, who actually travel with HRC.
  • I wish I could say the same for my dealings with IE. Let me just say that it’s probably not prudent to throw a tantrum (verbally and physically) in front of strangers/convention attendees/potential donors. It really soured my thinking about some things, but that’s a blog post for another time.
  • I met the Lafayette contingent of Drinking Liberally, specifically Amy, who was charming and incredibly nice. We shared stories and I was incredibly impressed with how positive and professional their chapter seemed to be! I may have to take a trip out there sometime soon to grab a pint with them in person.

All in all, it was very uplifting to see so many smaller groups and organizations coming together to work toward a common goal. I hope that the momentum stays with all involved through the elections.


2 Responses to “IE/HRC Campaign Convention”

  1. I had no idea about this event. I definitely would have liked to attend.

  2. I only found out about it a week ahead of time– one of the other issues I have with IE. They certainly could have promoted it better (and I could have done a better job myself of letting people know about it).

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