stalking the elusive apartment

An open letter to my Indianapolis friends:

If you know of any apartments for rent with the following criteria:

a) not falling apart at the seams

b) not run by crazy landlords oblivious to the fact that people are typically SLEEPING at 6:00 a.m.

c) fairly inexpensive

…drop me a line.  Size/location pretty much unimportant, though I’d like to stay away from a big company managed complex and (ideally) be close to Downtown, Fountain Square, or south Broad Ripple.  I love the location I live in, but it’s time to move on.

(Yes, 6:00 a.m.)


4 Responses to “stalking the elusive apartment”

  1. come live near me!

    of course, I haven’t moved or anything, so who the eff knows how insane it will be, but it’s cheap $545 for a 1 bedroom. And it’s downtown. And if it’s creepy, we can save each other from the crazies!

  2. I lived at the Marott for a few years. Had a one-bedroom unit w/washer & dryer hookup for about $600 a month. Don’t know what it goes for now, but it’s a nice, secure building with good amenities.

  3. check the little downtown newspaper(s)–I can’t remember the names now–for sweet little deals on sweet little apartments. I know several people who found amazing (cheap) places that way.

  4. Check with Van Rooy management. They have tons of refurbished apartments downtown. We rented from them for years before buying a house. They have a really cute property close to Broadripple called Marcy Village – cheap, comes with free high speed internet and a nice place to call home. 🙂

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