MMS 2006, part deux

It seems like whenever I’m really excited about a show, that’s when I do something monumentally stupid. I had the best intentions of a full-blown MMS assault on Saturday, but an unplanned (but fun!) trip to GenCon, along with losing my wallet, prevented us from getting out on the town until around 5:00. But neither lost wallet, or sore feet, or stained t-shirts prevent Kelly and Lauren from making their appointed rockin’ rounds. Or something like that.

Our first stop was Locals Only, where we took in Kit Malone and the American Arsonists. It was part of the Standard Recording showcase, serving free PBR—how can you go wrong? They were brilliant, with just the right amount of folksy verve and roots-rock chaos. I hated to leave before the set was over, but we headed up to the Vogue to see the Mudkids. The crowd was fierce, and the crowdsurfing at the end was awesome.

We hightailed it out and down the strip before Dr. Octagon took the stage. Next up was the Alley Cat, where we settled in for the Turnbull ACs and Apollo Up. I was familiar with the Turnbull ACs through their play on, but was happily surprised at how tight and upbeat their playing sounded. And they had quite a fan club- cameras whirling, asses shaking, smiles all around. Apollo Up! wasn’t really my cup of tea, but they had a good, solid sound. At that point in the evening, the Reds game had more of my attention, truthfully.

We then trekked over to the Rouge to see Captain of Industry—another find. I had not been in the Rouge since it ceased to be the Patio, and I was pretty impressed. They cleaned it up considerably, added a bigger stage with better lighting, and the crowd was excited to have live bands once again. I enjoyed the set, but there was some sort of atonal, dissonant guitar in the background that kept distracting me from the songs. Maybe the levels were off, maybe they were trying to be avant-garde… whatever the case, we left near the end of the set and headed over to the Stone Mug for the last two bands of the evening.

Now, when I think of indie rock venues in the greater Broad Ripple area, the Stone Mug has never once come to mind. It’s the neighborhood biker bar. But they were indeed hosting the Sundayrunners and the Good Luck Joes, so we ventured in, grabbed a couple of cheap domestic beers, and watched what were probably my two favorite sets of the evening. The Sundayrunners were playing to a crowd of perhaps 30, but they acted like arena rock veterans. Catchy, crisp, but sort of soothing at the same time, they were the perfect way to wind down from an evening of hard rocking. The lead singer climbed up onto the drummer’s kit for a close-up thrash session, but quickly got pulled off and scolded by the powers that be. And who doesn’t love a bassist in a motorcycle helmet?

The Good Luck Joes were from Milwaukee, and I wish I had paid more attention to the set, but I was a bit preoccupied taking a look at the incredible pictures of music photographer (and all around rockstar) Jeff Bedel.

All in all, this was the best MMS I’ve attended out of the three that I’ve been in town for. As Jeff said, this one truly had a festival feel, and to me, it felt like most of the bands were truly excited to be performing.

Next year, I’m getting a badge.


2 Responses to “MMS 2006, part deux”

  1. you went to FUCKING GENCON but then skipped Dr. Octagon??!?!

    can we still be friends?

  2. hey, I was meaning to go to the Dr Octagon afterparty.

    I’m still an indie rocker! they didn’t take away my card yet! 🙂

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