the most fun you can have on four (small) wheels..

The INTake article is out!

Since two of the girls on the team work for the publication, it was no surprise that they were the first to do a story on the league. Check it out—it’s basically a skating-themed issue, with a front page story about the league, a really awesome piece on the Naptown Real Rollers, and some other tidbits about skating.

So in celebration of our introduction onto the Indy media scene, we’re hosting a skating party!

Where: United Skates of America East (5001 Shadeland, off 465 E)

When: Friday, August 4th, 7-10 p.m. (afterparty at the Melody Inn)

Why: Because we’re awesome and want to share the fun with all of you!

It’s an all-ages old school skating party, with DJ Metrognome spinning tunes. Admission is $5, plus $2.50 for skates – not required, but you know you want to!We’re planning on doing a drill exhibition, showing how the game is played, and playing full-contact musical chairs. We’re also going to have old-fashioned “dance cards” where you can pay for a slow skate with your favorite rollergirl! Sadly, the date conflicts with a lot of friends’ schedules, so I might be the only rollergirl in attendance with an empty dance card.

I’ll have to drown my sorrows at the skeeball machine…


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