“Hoosiers 2”: Brought to you by the city of Toronto.

From Today’s Indy Star:
I know I’m biased on this matter, but this article makes me so sad and angry. We’ve got such a rich tradition of films here, not to mention some of the brightest, most talented and most creative filmmakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing… but now that they’ve dismantled the Indiana Film Commission, there’s no cohesive message anywhere to get people to want to film here!

The only recent films of note that have filmed here are because someone involved has had Indiana ties. “Lonesome Jim”, “Madison”, “Home of the Giants”. This state administration just doesn’t understand that for most big-budget (or even medium budget) films, it’s not just a couple guys with camera equipment slogging through a cornfield—it’s BIG MONEY. Drivers, craft service, grats for shooting locations, hotel rooms, local crew, after hours supplies, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Even a one-week shoot in a rural location can bring in thousands of dollars to a community, not to mention garner interest in the spot(s) being filmed. If you do it right, even the nameless locations can become destinations. Look at New Zealand. For that matter, look at Red Bank, New Jersey!

I was really hoping that the efforts of the Indiana Media Industry Network (imindiana.org) and their attempts to pass HB 1639 would be successful. It would have been the perfect way for this state to ensure that productions had the right kind of incentives to want to locate here. Instead, we have stuffed shirt bureaucrats who have no clue what it takes to get a project grounded on Indiana soil—and what’s more, they don’t care. I’m confident that we have the talent and the resources in this state to make it a destination for media projects of all kinds. Why isn’t the state of Indiana as confident as I am– as we are? This is the kind of economic development that pays off dividends not only financially, but in PR, in tourism, in general public interest. I’m proud to be from Indiana, and I’d be even prouder to see our state represented truthfully on the big screen.


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